Android 編譯時遇到 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS 的錯誤

Android 編譯時遇到 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS 的錯誤



build/core/base_rules.mk:74: *** Module name: 01-test
build/core/base_rules.mk:75: *** Makefile location: external/dhcpcd

build/core/base_rules.mk:76: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:77: * Each module must use a LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS in its
build/core/base_rules.mk:78: * Android.mk. Possible tags declared by a module:
build/core/base_rules.mk:79: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:80: * optional, debug, eng, tests, samples
build/core/base_rules.mk:81: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:82: * If the module is expected to be in all builds
build/core/base_rules.mk:83: * of a product, then it should use the
build/core/base_rules.mk:84: * "optional" tag:
build/core/base_rules.mk:85: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:86: * Add "LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional" in the
build/core/base_rules.mk:87: * Android.mk for the affected module, and add
build/core/base_rules.mk:88: * the LOCAL_MODULE value for that component
build/core/base_rules.mk:89: * into the PRODUCT_PACKAGES section of product
build/core/base_rules.mk:90: * makefile(s) where it's necessary, if
build/core/base_rules.mk:91: * appropriate.
build/core/base_rules.mk:92: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:93: * If the component should be in EVERY build of ALL
build/core/base_rules.mk:94: * products, then add its LOCAL_MODULE value to the
build/core/base_rules.mk:95: * PRODUCT_PACKAGES section of
build/core/base_rules.mk:96: * build/target/product/core.mk
build/core/base_rules.mk:97: *
build/core/base_rules.mk:98: *** user tag detected on new module - user tags are only supported on legacy modules. Stop.

只需要看第二行 『Makefile location: external/dhcpcd』 的 external/dhcpcd 路徑下,
修改 Android.mk ,
找到第一行的 『Module name: 01-test』的 LOCAL_MODULE := 01-test,
在下面加入 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional 即可

有找到 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := user 的話
改成 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional