Eclipse Import Existing Projects into workspace

Eclipse Import Existing Projects into workspace

I've been using Eclipse for many years, originally with JAVA and for the last few years with Flex.  We have one project that has around 20 projects in it since it uses a lot of modules and different developers work on different modules.  We use eclipse work spaces extensively since we use linked resources to define paths so that the project files can be shared by developers regardless of where they put the source code and regardless of them being on the OSX or Windows.

This has worked well for years but whenever we setup a new machine its a bear since you have to import around 20 projects, one after the other..... until now.

It appears I'm a fool, and have never noticed this wonderful feature in eclipse hidden away on the the import -> other menu.

Lets suppose I have all my projects under





Instead of importing those projects one at a time, however, instead you can do

File - > Import - > Other -> General - > Import existing projects into workspace

Then I browse to


The dialog then populates with all the projects it finds under the trunk folder and child folders.

Check the projects you want and click "ok", and now all those projects are imported into your workspace.

Wish I'd known this feature was available about 2 years ago :)  But its great to learn something new.